about me


Oh hai! I’m snipe ッ. I make web stuff.

In addition to my job as director of technology, I am a web application developer, API wrangler, open source advocate, occasional sysadmin, penetration tester and geek.

You might know me from my snarky tech blog, snipe.net. Or maybe from twitter. Or not at all.

Off the clock, I’m an opinionated smartass, rabid liberal, sarcastigeek, published author, scuba diver, gamer, sculptural blacksmith, sword-fighter, ENTP, student of Japanese language and the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system Krav Maga, and the founder/director of an animal welfare non-profit.

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No, Srsly!

So I’ve just set this page up. Hope to keep it updated with tiny snippets of whatever I’m currently tinkering …